The Truth Behind Detoxing

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Everyone has heard the claims about detoxing and how our bodies apparently need to be  flushed of toxins, especially after a period of indulgence. The detox products and regimens range from making you sweat a little, such as putting a “detox patch” on the bottom of your feet before going to bed, to something dangerous like a fasting diet. Most of the products just want your money, so they claim the outrageous claims that make you want the product. Some of the diets are just crazy and many can actually do more harm than good.

Our bodies already have a system for “detoxing.” It involves the skin, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and gut:

  • Skin: A preventive measure for toxins, making it difficult for them to get into our bodies to begin with. The skin is actually very good at preventing harmful things from even entering the body, this includes those detoxing products that you put on the skin. Your body considers them dangerous or useless and gets rid of it anyway.
  • Liver: A powerhouse in converting those toxic substances to non-toxic and dissolving them into water and getting rid of it through urine.
  • Kidneys: A filter for keeping the toxic stuff out and making sure your body gets the good stuff it needs.
  • The Gut: An inferno for toxic stuff, making the environment hostile and attacking the toxic stuff. It breaks it down and then gather the waste into a solid and out it goes.
  • The lymphatic system: Another filter, keeping the harmful bacteria and viruses out of the blood stream.

These claims that many companies make are just words on a box, they have nothing to back it up. In 2009 a network of scientists through Sense about Science, a UK charity, contacted the manufactures of several products claiming detoxification. None of the manufactures could produce any evidence to back up their claims. So why make the claim?

People believe what they want to believe and these companies are making bank on that. People want miracle cures that make them feel better in a second. Companies use terms like “detox” and “cleanse” because they sound like a great way to rid yourself of bad things fast. Detox products are bunk (waste of money), a cleanse just means go bathroom (a lot), and some of those diets can deprive you of nutrients your body actually does need (I’m looking at you juice fast).

There is no oversight on supplements, tonics, or other products claiming that they detox the body these companies can say anything they want. So don’t fall into that trap because there is no quick way to feel upbeat and less bogged down.

Well you ask what can you do to make you feel like you have little more pep in your step?

  1. You can make sure you are fully hydrated for one. Hydration is key in keeping your body in tip top form. It seems counter intuitive to drink more to feel less bloated, but when the body is getting enough water it doesn’t feel the need to hang on to it. This increases what the body gets rid of from the body, which includes those toxins that you were worried about.
  2. Another thing you can do is eat a consistently healthy balanced diet. This ensures that the proper minerals, vitamins, and other necessary components that your body needs is available for it to use. Diets such as the mediterranean diet are balanced, but keep your choices interesting.
  3. Lastly, getting enough sleep is vital for have a little more pep in your step. Sleep is when your body can recover and get things out that is harmful to it, such as toxic substances. Sleep is important for brain function too, so by getting enough sleep you are able to feel more alert and focused.

These are the steps you want to take if you want to feel good after a period of indulgence. They aren’t a quick fix, but they are actually pretty easy and if you stick to a budget, inexpensive.

So to wrap this up, there is no such thing a detoxing diet or product that will flush the toxins our of your body because your body already does that everyday very efficiently. What you can do to make sure that it stays efficient is keeping hydrated, eating a healthy balanced diet, and getting enough sleep. Way easier than following those crazy diets or experimenting with all those expensive products.


Written By: Holly Seager



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